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Tangled Wires are Dangerous, Messy, and Killing Your Productivity

Jonathan Rudolph | April 11, 2019

A typical employee workstation has a minimum of at least six wired devices. This means the employee has over twenty meters of exposed cabling around their workstation. In this article, we will discuss why messy and tangled wires are actually harming, killing, and halting the overall workplace productivity.

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VR and Medecine

Extended Reality and the Changing Face of Medicine

Alassane Soumare | January 31, 2019

As both virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR) platforms are gaining a drastic surge in popularity, it’s only natural that their focus would expand from the entertainment industry to a wider net into other fields.

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Cemtrex: CES Sweetheart

Alassane Soumare | January 25, 2019

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) wrapped up again a few weeks ago and just how the various fashion weeks around the world steer the course for their respective industry, CES has set the tech trends for the upcoming year and beyond.

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Simply Our Input

Alassane Soumare | December 3, 2018

At the brink of the consumer computer revolution, one thing was certain: computational powerhouses that currently reside in our pockets were not going to be the next electronic fad.

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Father and son using Virtual Reality glasses sitting outside

The Future of Virtual Reality Is Only Getting Brighter And Brighter

Alassane Soumare | November 15, 2018

Once upon a time, virtual reality was but a simple, albeit exciting promise of the future. This very promise was a glimpse of experiences we couldn't necessarily attain easily and thrills we only wished for in our wildest dreams.

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Why the CEO of MODCo Media Loves the SmartDesk

Alassane Soumare | November 9, 2018

The early reviews are in: the SmartDesk is a hit. Meet Erik Dochterman, CEO of the media giant MODCo Media and an early pilot user of the Cemtrex SmartDesk.

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How Paperless Offices Save Time and Money

Ronald Monte | November 1, 2018

A paperless workplace goes beyond paper specifically. It also applies to less in your way and fewer devices in need of connecting. Here are the benefits of making the switch, and how today's technology means making it happen is easier than ever.

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Why Companies with CTI See Immediate Improvements

Ronald Monte | October 22, 2018

When you adopt Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), you're making the decision to set your business up for the long-term by optimizing present workflow and garnering valuable data that can help you grow.

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Upgrading Your Workstation? Consider a Touchscreen PC

Ronald Monte | October 18, 2018

Of course, touchscreen technology isn't a brand-new innovation. But it has recently evolved from a cool feature to a near-essential tool, as it can make digital navigation easier, faster, and more intuitive, all while decluttering our surroundings. Here's why that matters.

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Why You Should Choose Wireless Charging

Ronald Monte | October 11, 2018

Wireless technology solves a lot of problems that are often associated with wired charging capabilities. In this article, we will address the many problems associated with the use of wired charging and why it has become antiquated and less effective in the wireless age we currently live in.

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