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How can I purchase stock of Cemtrex?

In order to purchase stock of Cemtrex you must contact a licensed broker or dealer of US securities.

What is Cemtrex’s symbol and what market does it trade?

Cemtrex’s symbol is CETX and our common stock currently trades on the Nasdaq Capital Market.

Prior to June 26th 2015, the company traded under the symbol CTEI on the OTCQB exchange.

Where can I obtain historical pricing for CETX?

Historical pricing data can be found here:

Who is the transfer agent for Cemtrex Inc.?

Contact Clear Trust at:

Clear Trust LLC
16540 Pointe Village Dr, Suite 205 / Lutz, Florida 33558
Phone 813.235.4490
Fax 813.388.4549

Where can I view Cemtrex’s SEC filings?

Cemtrex’s SEC filings can be found here. They can also be viewed on the SEC EDGAR portal here.

Are there any research reports or analysts covering Cemtrex?

There are no analysts currently covering the Company.