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2016 Letter to Shareholders

To the Shareholders of Cemtrex Inc.,

2016 is shaping up to be a big year for us, and we are extremely proud of all we have accomplished at Cemtrex. As a result, we wanted to provide an update on our recent activities and all we expect to achieve going forward. We have delivered a five-year, 33% revenue CAGR, with revenue reaching nearly $57 million in 2015, by focusing on niche services within the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Industrial Products & Services (IPS) sectors. During the first six months of fiscal 2016, net sales grew 14.4%, which follows a 20% organic increase in 2015. To drive organic growth, we have concentrated on exciting and emerging markets, new product development initiatives and global emerging markets. The company is also continuously exploring and analyzing strategic M&A opportunities and partnerships that enhance our growth outlook.

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